Who am I?

My name is John and I am a developer & founder born and raised in Scotland.

I live in the beautiful city of Glasgow in Scotland, but I also find myself in Edinburgh, London, and further afield from time to time for work or pleasure.

I’m currently working as a lead backend engineer for Financial Cloud, a platform which enables small fintech startups to grow rapidly without costing them an arm and a leg.

What do I do?

A developer by trade, I work with various companies on designing, architecting and building complex systems to help solve real world problems. This might include building code, or designing how a system work, researching a technology, or establishing the root of a systemic problem. From time to time I also do one-on-one mentoring and coaching if the technology or project interests me.

Outside of commercial projects, I contribute to open source projects such as Diplomat and do limited amounts of pro bono work for organisations which I care about.

Who am I working with?

Amongst many others, my client list includes:

  • Sequoia Capital
  • Find a Player
  • The European Union
  • Arnold Clark
  • Tennent’s Larger


For general inquiries, or to discuss a project, please email me at john@johnhamelink.com


Homepage video is a derivative of “Peak Vihren” by Gatanass (CC BY-SA 2.0). Thanks to “Gatanass” for the source video on the homepage.